Swift and validated organizational surveys
For reality-driven companies

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Embrace the power of data-driven HR

Swift and validated organizational surveys

For reality-driven companies

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Embrace the power of data-driven HR

Filling out 6 questions takes only 5 mins but the knowledge it provides is essential

Network Analysis for Teams

  • Unique, digital organization diagnostic tool for future oriented leaders
  • Complex, user-friendly, interactive dashboards
  • Data driven, science based organization decisions over divinations
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Filling out 12 questions takes only 10 mins but the knowledge it provides is essential

Corporate Network Analysis

  • Unique, digital organization diagnostic tool for future oriented leaders
  • Complex, user-friendly, interactive dashboards
  • Data driven, science based organization decisions over divinations
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The key to development is to map your own and your colleagues’ abilities!


  • Complex feedback on the employee: developing professional and managerial self-knowledge
  • Customizable competency assessment according to organizational goals
  • Transparent, easy-to-use management report for feedback
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Keep your hand on your team’s pulse all the time!

Pulse Survey

  • Measure easily the daily mood of your colleagues
  • CX-Ray Pulse is an emotional thermometer: get real-time feedback and intervene immediately when needed!
  • Make it easy to stay in touch with your team, no matter where you are!
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Workplace efficiency start with satisfied colleagues

Satisfaction Survey

  • Customized, anonim surveys with honest answers
  • Scaleable, filtrable results- find out what are the real problems in your organization according to your colleagues
  • Based on organisational psychology, validated by scientific data
  • With CX-Ray’s unique Smart Churn© algorithm employee dropout becomes traceable
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An essential tool for efficiency and growth!

Performance Appraisal System

  • The goals agreed with the employees will be transparent, measurable and evaluable
  • Organizational goals become employees ’individual goals using the system
  • It automates multiple HR processes with an easy-to-use platform for professional reporting
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Clean design, smooth
and effective surveys

  • More precise reports
  • Benchmarks and KPIs
  • Short but smart surveys
  • Highest standard of data protection
  • Customized branding settings – white label

Case Studies


A multinational company planned to set up an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. However, it was clear that every change comes with an absolutely natural human reaction: resistance. Employees love predictability, and insist on the operational methods they are already used to.


With the help of CX-Ray, HR determined the key opinion leaders of the organization, through whom the whole company could be addressed, and whom the colleagues would truly listen to. The survey also revealed opinion leaders who had not been in close relationship with management before. With their help, management established a new project team that listened to the aversions and effectively communicated the need for change.


By involving these influential colleagues in the launch of the new ERP system, management managed to calm down resistance. Employees started to trust this new system, and it took only a few weeks to switch to the new version.


The management of an energy company realized that their 360-degree competency assessment system had a negative impact on motivation. One reason was that the mid-level managers received lower than average scores on their competency evaluations and lost their motivation. At the same time, their counterparts who received higher scores were not motivated to increase their standards. The assessment system failed to raise the managers’ motivation regardless of whether they were high or low scorers.


The CX-Ray 360-degree evaluation offers a new approach to competency evaluation. Instead of a 6-point scale, the appraisals arrange performance statements in the evaluation form. Instead of describing results through demotivating average values, the evaluation focuses on individual strengths and areas to be further developed.


According to the annual employee engagement survey, the satisfaction with the competency evaluation system increased by 17%. Managers found the CX-Ray 360 to be motivating and supportive for competency development.


A cutting-edge software company aimed to measure employee satisfaction on a weekly basis. The management wanted to implement a system that automatically collected employee happiness data via short and anonymous surveys, giving management access to the results anywhere and from any device.


Management chose the survey modules that fit the organizational culture best. They set the surveying frequency to weekly. The management team was able to access the dashboards showing the results. Moreover, team leaders also had access to their teams’ results.


The surveying platform enabled management to follow trends in employee happiness levels. They were able to take immediate action in the teams and units where data yielded decreasing trends.


“We are a small start-up with a relatively flat company structure. Still, CX-Ray was able to unfold some surprising organizational issues we were not aware of. It’s clean and easy to use. We look forward to testing our collaboration effectiveness with the more advanced product coming soon.”

Andras BencsikCo-Founder, Antavo

“I was amazed to see what CX-Ray made out of a simple survey with three questions! It showed us the most engaged team members, the real influencers, and the intensity of the different links. I can’t wait to see what their next, more complex product will make visible…”

György SzilágyiCo-Founder, Tresorit

“The HR Team already expected a great part of the results. But it was crucial to support the necessary organizational measures with facts. With the help of CX-Ray we were able to make these issues visible. Thank you for your professional support!”

Krisztina ShallHead of HR & Communication, AVL

“Think you know your organization? Surprise yourself with CX-Ray!”

Gergely Böszörményi-NagyCEO, Design Terminal

“Survey results were available quickly, and we have found them very useful. It’s easy to understand the results thanks to the sophisticated and handy graphical view. We received a great support as well from the professional and helpful CX-Ray team.”

Csilla Kovács-SebestényHR Consultant, Nokia

“High quality work, excellent communication, reliable experts. This is what the CX-Ray team means to us.”

Anita GiglerHR Manager, Rossmann

“Looking at the results of the CX-Ray analytics, we now know the properties of our organization. Suspicions have been replaced by facts.”

Gergely HodicskaVP of Engineering, USTREAM

“It was impressive to see that asking only 3 questions could provide us a detailed picture of our organisation. The great visualization of the results showed our network’s dimensions, collaboration and communication among our team members.’

Norbert DeakProfessional Services Director, Mobilengine

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