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We are proud to work in partnership with high-level professional consultants and consulting companies.

Our approach is to create unique value at each level of the business organization: individual, team, and organizational. Our complex solutions include a combination of individual- and organizational-level development processes, training, and coaching. The meaning of Valoro: value.
We truly believe in taking a scientific approach to practical organizational­ and skill­ development programs, to ensure that our solutions are highly effective. We have proudly been one of the leading training and consulting companies in Hungary for over ten years, with many loyal, returning customers.
Our services include business development, leadership consulting, and communication development. Our specialty is the development of organizational communication. We help clients use the power of intra­organizational communication to make their businesses more profitable.
ITL HR Solution is the human resource division of ITL Group Kft. providing organizational development solutions. Our business is in developing not only the person or the team, but aligning the whole organization with the company goals and values.
We build passionate, motivated and successful teams through organizational development, managerial training, and coaching.
Telos Partners is a management consultancy and organization-capability development company. We work with ambitious leaders and their organisations to achieve outstanding performance. We strive to create sustainable success for our clients and our own business.
With our tailor­made solutions, we help organisations and leaders to reach their strategic goals, by increasing the efficiency of organisational processes, and ensuring a highly qualified and competent staff.
We are committed to analysing the real needs of organizations, leaders, and employees, and developing them. We believe that beyond the development of process and organization, personal development is also important for our success. We propose methods that we have already tested and used successfully.
Communication is a must for successful goal achievement. Impact Works makes it fun and effective. Our tools help our clients to attract, recruit and retain the best workforce. We are proud to work with clients from 18 countries on 4 continents.
No Enterprise can grow without efficient workforce. We aim to give leaders exact, practical solutions to aid them toward success.
Y2Y is a brand new business coaching concept, made FOR millenials and BY millenials. Our company provides business coaching services, with professional coaches trained according to the standards of the International Coach Federation.
We help youth kickstart their professional life and live up to their full potential. Being aware of their values, goals and skills, they will be ready to develop both themselves and their environment in order to bring a positive change.
Our development programs support the leaders to overcome the hidden barriers to innovation. We focus on engaging your employees. Our goal is to treat them like your most loyal customers.
Language Consulting, as our partner for Poland and Austria, is offering a wide range of educational, professional training, development, and language services, as well as related innovative high-tech tools and platforms for companies and institutions.
Our mission is the conscious and creative development of leaders, team members, and teams. We believe that the fruits of our labor can also be seen in the prosperity of the companies. We work with solutions tailored for individuals and organizations. During our programs we use coaching approaches and varied methodology.
By using our unique methodology and awareness of current challenges, we are able to create and implement a development program which has a measurable impact on business results, and changes the operation of the organization sustainably.
In response to the challenges of the 21st century, we aim to stimulate and create a modern, competitive organizational operation in the corporate sphere, based on a coaching-minded leadership with special individual and team development programs, based on organizational diagnosis.
"Better leaders, better world!” As a leading business coaching and skills development company, we help our clients improve their leadership effectiveness by providing them with practical skills for better cooperation and improved business results.
CPC is a leading Germany-based change management consultancy. To effect sustainable change, we follow a holistic, customer-focused approach built around the three core competencies: People, Projects, and Organizations.
Redbridge Consulting was founded as a center of excellence in the field of business consultancy and IT services. We are interested in the personal success of our senior level customers, therefore we provide them with real solutions. Our motto is "Structure and Passion”.
As an internationally renowned training and consulting company with a comprehensive range of services, we make your company fit for the future. We develop your employees, executives and organization – targeted, sustainable, and at the highest level. Neuland: we are developing futures!
The Krauthammer group consists of a world-wide network, being present in 25 countries with more than 170 consultants. Our areas of expertise are leadership, management, sales, soft skills, and organization development.
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