The Team

We are a team of data scientists, agile software developers, and organizational psychologists. Our products are the result of a unique combination of network science, big data analytics, and cutting-edge interface design. We all believe in data-driven people management.

Peter is a tech entrepreneur-turned-angel investor. Having built and exited NNG, one of the largest Hungarian software companies, he is now helping the next generation of tech startups towards world domination.
As an advisor specialized in startups, Krisztina participates in the product and marketing strategy planning for CX-Ray. As the previous head of marketing at NNG, a global navigation software developer her focus was mainly on international B2B marketing communications.
Peter has a strong background in organizational development. He has completed a PhD dissertation on the impact of social networks on organizational efficiency. Nowadays he loves coding in Python and making customers happy. He helps everyone at CX-Ray to do their best.
Founder, CEO
Fanni studied behaviour analysis at undergraduate level at ELTE. Currently she is a Master's-level graduate student of industrial and organisational psychology at the Budapest University of Technology, and a member of CX-Ray's marketing team. In addition to her university studies she has been working since the autumn of 2016 as a specialist journalist for the Mindset Journal of Psychology, as the editor of the Career & Business section.
Content Marketing
Gergely studied industrial and organisational psychology at the Budapest University of Technology. Currently he is the head of analysis and an organisational coach. He writes fiction in his spare time. He believes that progress can make people's lives easier and better.
Head of Data Analysis
Marci has several years of professional experience in online marketing. Having worked on a dozen successful projects in the past, he decided to lend a helping hand to up-and-coming youngsters, and make the world a better place as a marketing consultant for enthusiastic starter-uppers.
Marketing Consultant
Anita is responsible for telling our customers every detail about the CX-Ray tool, so they can get the most out of their team or company. Apart from work she is an animal lover, and tries to spend a lot of time at the gym.
Business Development
Feri has gained international experience in the cultural sector, working in sales and customer relations. At CX-Ray he is responsible for relations with our German-speaking partners and clients. He likes to spend his free time with contemporary art.
Business Development
Dóra has been interested in the different types of HR systems and tasks since her college years. Due to her open-minded attitude she is responsible for introducing our CX-Ray tool to our new customers, and ensuring its most appropriate usage towards a long-term cooperation.
Business Development Manager
Peter studied behaviour analysis at undergraduate level at ELTE. He is currently a Masters-level graduate student, specialising in industrial and organisational psychology at the Budapest University of Technology. Beside university he works as a marketing trainee at CX-Ray, as a specialist journalist at Mindset, and as an HR consultant for the Hungarian Psychological Association.
Marketing Trainee
Rebeka is a work- and organizational psychology master’s student at BUTE. Her main roles are helping in the fluid and timely implementation of projects, and answering emerging questions.
Customer Support
Balint hopes to complete his studies in business informatics this year at Corvinus University in Budapest (BCE). He likes to discover logic in everything, and is interested in anything related to coding and software development. He likes to spend his free time outdoors, but due to his interest in computers he also enjoys playing computer games.
Back-End Developer
Toki is an engineering informatics graduate from Kecskemét. He has since specialised in front-end development. Apart from his work he enjoys sports, cooking, and singing.
Front-End Developer
Laura has begun her Master's-level graduate studies at BME (the Budapest University of Technology), specialising in industrial and organisational psychology. She likes variety in her leisure time, and now research and event organisation have become a part of her life. She wants to become familiar with the practical side of her studies in the team at CX-Ray.
Event Organizer & Support Trainee
Jani is a hardcore big data programmer and a "non-stop-working” member of the team. When not at his computer, he can be found cycling around Lake Balaton.
Lead Developer