All our courses are currently held in Hungarian, we are working on launching English courses, so if you’re interested in that, stay tuned.

What is CXpert?

In the framework of CXpert, you are able to take part in online courses and student groups that cover current topics in the world of HR, transfer professional knowledge, and answer burning questions. In addition to the tools developed by CX-Ray, CXpert also aims to provide its users with confident knowledge so that the survey process and the use of the results can run smoothly. By forming learning groups, CXpert also set out to support online professional community building, provide a platform for sharing ideas and experiences, collecting best practices, and discussing various professional issues.

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Performance evaluation course

10.990 HUF + VAT

Network Analysis

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HR analytics

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CXpert team

CXpert’s creators and trainers are work and organizational psychologists who are committed to the importance of learning and self-improvement in the power of future-proof knowledge. They have experience in the world of IT and HR analytics, recruitment and selection, training and management and staff development practices, and organizational development issues. In their work, they realized that without confident knowledge, it is difficult to engage in any organizational intervention or development. That’s why they aim with CXpert to provide a knowledge base, a professional community, and practical examples of a variety of organizational issues that HR professionals and managers can work with confidently in their work.

Ildikó Tóth,

Head of education

Ildikó graduated as a psychologist at Eötvös Loránd University, currently studies work and organizational psychology at BME, and is also a trainer.Her professional creed stems from the good advice of her parents: “What you have learned once can never be taken from you again!”

Péter Hári,

Lead expert

the CEO of CX-Ray. Peter is a work and organization psychologist, but also deals with the “hard” side of the same field: his passion is the world of algorithms for quantifying and describing human behavior.

Kata Kuslits,


Kata is currently studying Cognitive Psychology master course at BME, it is her final year. At CX-Ray she assists in the development of educational programs. In her spare time she likes to travel and hike, as well as going to festivals, besides that she really loves dogs.

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    In our courses, we show the content of the curriculum in a structured, weekly breakdown.

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    “We are a small start-up with a relatively flat company structure. Still, CX-Ray was able to unfold some surprising organizational issues we were not aware of. It’s clean and easy to use. We look forward to testing our collaboration effectiveness with the more advanced product coming soon.”

    Andras BencsikCo-Founder, Antavo

    “I was amazed to see what CX-Ray made out of a simple survey with three questions! It showed us the most engaged team members, the real influencers, and the intensity of the different links. I can’t wait to see what their next, more complex product will make visible…”

    György SzilágyiCo-Founder, Tresorit

    “The HR Team already expected a great part of the results. But it was crucial to support the necessary organizational measures with facts. With the help of CX-Ray we were able to make these issues visible. Thank you for your professional support!”

    Krisztina ShallHead of HR & Communication, AVL

    “Think you know your organization? Surprise yourself with CX-Ray!”

    Gergely Böszörményi-NagyCEO, Design Terminal

    “Survey results were available quickly, and we have found them very useful. It’s easy to understand the results thanks to the sophisticated and handy graphical view. We received a great support as well from the professional and helpful CX-Ray team.”

    Csilla Kovács-SebestényHR Consultant, Nokia

    “High quality work, excellent communication, reliable experts. This is what the CX-Ray team means to us.”

    Anita GiglerHR Manager, Rossmann

    “Looking at the results of the CX-Ray analytics, we now know the properties of our organization. Suspicions have been replaced by facts.”

    Gergely HodicskaVP of Engineering, USTREAM

    “It was impressive to see that asking only 3 questions could provide us a detailed picture of our organisation. The great visualization of the results showed our network’s dimensions, collaboration and communication among our team members.’

    Norbert DeakProfessional Services Director, Mobilengine