CX-Ray Team Network Analysis

Filling out 6 questions takes only 5 mins but the knowledge it provides is essential

Decide about your team based on actual data

Answering our 6 questions with your colleagues' names only takes 5 minutes.

See how your team works

Your data will be automatically analyzed by algorithms written by organizational psychologists. You can explore your team's results using test feedback, scores and visualizations on your dashboard.

Report back to everyone

Use our individual reports to make your own personal development plans. You can give feedback to every single team member!

CX-Ray Company Network Analysis

We provide scientifically validated surveys that consist of only positive questions, and take just 5 minutes to finish.

Quick Questionnaire

Answering the sociometric survey takes only 7 minutes. Our 12 questions take the names of your colleagues as answers. Our software will process the data automatically.

Accurate Reports

Management and HR get their own comprehensive interfaces, tailored to suit their needs.

Get to know your company painlessly

Team leaders receive reports of their teams, and subordinates get individual feedback, synchronized for greater efficiency.

CX-Ray Pulse Survey

The streamlined design of the Pulse satisfaction survey makes fast and regular surveying easy.

The way to read the room

Are you always aware of your team's mood? Let this emotional thermometer help you out in mere seconds.

Intervene at the right time

The ebb and flow of the mood will be visualized on a line chart. Notice the change immediately and solve the issue before it spreads.

Behind your workplace atmosphere

Participants can choose to describe their current mood and the reasons behind it.

CX-Ray 360-degree Evaluation

Instead of the traditional Likert scale, employees can easily rate each other using the innovative new CX-Ray method.

Nonjudgmental survey

Our innovative score distribution method makes 360-Degree-Analyses more accurate, and even exciting.

Enhance your teamwork

Credible feedback from multiple directions helps to develop the team. Make your employees strive for their best selves, instead of indulging in destructive rivalry.

Boost your employees’ personal motivation

The CX-Ray 360-Degree-Feedback boosts your colleagues' confidence by showing them their strong points. It also gives short term goals to work on competencies that need development.

CX-Ray Performance Appraisal System

Simple and fast way of performance evaluation where giving feedback is both provided for employees and managers.

Competency evaluation

Assessment of competencies in the context of a 360-degree evaluation, 180-degree evaluation and 260-degree evaluation.

Goal setting system

A system that provides goal setting and goal evaluation.

Employee Profile

Display the results of all company surveys and evaluations on an employee profile page.

CX-Ray Satisfaction Survey

Our comprehensive satisfaction survey measures numerous topics, taking just a few minutes maximum.

Few questions, lots of satisfied employees

Before sending out your survey you can decide between a swift 27- or a comprehensive 52-item questionnaire.

Industrial benchmarks, well-grounded decisions

During our organizational diagnostics 6 sectors of industrial benchmarks will help you to compare your results with other companies.

Satisfied employees at every levels

Our reports can be queried for any units or organizational levels. Use only the data you really need.

Custom Surveys

CX-Ray supports any custom questionnaire with a streamlined design and easy response, such as the Likert scale, card ordering, text-based, and sociometric questions.
Responding to our custom survey is simple, quick and easy to use due to it’s clean design and transparent surfaces. Our colleagues can provide you the best solution for any occurring organizational problem thanks to their wide-ranging experience and proficiency in digital HR. Therefore any individual case or complex problem could be unsolved, feel free to contact us with confidence!