Survey sample

Streamlined design, short surveys

CX-Ray Network analysis

We provide scientifically validated surveys that consist of only positive questions and take just 5 minutes to finish.

CX-Ray Pulse survey

The streamlined design of the Pulse satisfaction survey makes fast and regular surveying easy.

CX-Ray 360-degree evaluation

Instead of the traditional Likert scale, employees can easily rate each other using the innovative new CX-Ray method.

CX-Ray Corporate values

The employees’ shared values can be uncovered with a short and easy survey.

CX-Ray Satisfaction survey

Our comprehensive Satisfaction survey measures numerous topics, taking just 7 minutes at the most.

Custom survey

The CX-Ray supports any custom questionnaire with streamlined design, and easy response such as: Likert scale, card ordering, text-based, and sociometric questions.

Dashboard Sample

Growth at every level

Report for decision makers

The reports for executives and HR are designed to support informed organizational decision making. Topics include change management, career planning, and restructuring of the workflow.

Report for mid-level management

Organizational development is only effective with the involvement of management. The reports for mid-level management contains their respective unit feedback.

Individual reports

Individual reports written by organizational psychologists provide feedback and development plans in order to bring out the personal best in each employee.


Data-driven decisions

Team Network analysis

Compass for your team

Company Network analysis

Best HR tool for your company

Pulse survey

Keep your finger on your team’s pulse

Employee satisfaction

Make them happy, make them loyal

360 degree survey

Classic concept, new method

Organizational values

Gears of your team and company