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Is the information flow killing the cooperation among your team members? Here’s the highest time to realize the importance of most often overlooked communication.

Symptoms of insufficient and missing team communication can be easily mistaken as personal faults. Even if the team member leaves the company, similar problems would reappear demoralizing the team further on. Not speaking about chipping away your success story!

Inappropriate information flow is rather a systemic problem than personal. Apart from the fact that fluctuation increases HR-costs (e.g.: new selection process and mentoring projects), it takes months to verify if the soon-to-be members are fit for that particular job. Plus, uncertainty and role ambiguity are among the dominant sources of work related stress.

Due to sociometry and social network analysis the flow of information can be quantified, mapped and analyzed. Graphic maps of information flow can be intuitively translated, even be used as an accurate organizational diagnostic tool.

CX-Ray team created a sociometry-based information flow module designed to depict the actual map of paths the information takes in your team. The measurements are defined – and iteratively refined – by organizational development professionals, but the user experience focuses on effortless and intuitive use. Personal scores provide you information to flawlessly find key members, while team-scores can be compared to benchmarks of similarly sized teams. Results are given back easily understandable such as personalized feedback texts.

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