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Improving performance and continuous growth are among the main goals of every team and company. Dozens of theories and tools claim to help you achieving them in some ways. While searching for the best person/job fit and competency measurements, however, HR and management often forgets one of the most important keys to performance: motivation.

The first thought that comes to your mind is money, isn’t it? Good salary in itself is not enough to make wonders happen.

To some extent not-strictly-crucial motivators, extra push to well-being, engagement and performance could be provided, as well. These motivators include stability, career advancement, attention, formal and informal feedback.

Talking to your team members, reassuring them and help their self-confidence grow is free and only takes a couple of minutes.

Culture is heavily dependent on context. Related to performance, feedback is supposed to be constantly measured and improved in endless iterations. Motivation culture, however, is often dismissed as a soft, unquantifiable construct with fuzzy definition. This is, nevertheless, not entirely true, as motivation culture can also be measured and mapped via sociometry.

The CX-Ray tool provides professional, automated results about feedback, and actionable next steps to help you reach higher levels.

Using this automated team network analysis, you are able to check out the team motivating connections, assess their types (mutual or one-sided), receive an easily understandable team-level, compare your scores to benchmark values, and get sorted into one of the four types of motivational culture.

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